4Parc d’Egmont

The Parc d’Egmont is a public park situated near the Egmont Palace. This park used to be part of the Egmont Palace gardens but in 1918 it became open to the public. There is a beautiful orangery built in the 1800s, a statue of Peter Pan and some ionic columns from the palace. If you’re in Brussels during the late spring or in the summertime, enjoy a nice walk in this park if you want to get out of the city for a few hours.

5The Street art in the Sainte Catherine area

If you’re a fan of street art or you are interested in knowing more about the French artist OakOak, then visit the area around the old fish market in Brussels (near the Sainte Catherine church) to see all his whimsical and creative street art. He transforms the mundane into something funny and beautiful. The bleak and very gray environment has been completely transformed into an art-filled area.

6St-Gilles Town Hall

When you visit the Grand Place, you’ll automatically see and be able to visit the St-Gilles Town Hall. The Napoleon III-style palace really stands out. You can visit inside and get to know more about its history.