Do you want to learn French quickly or improve your French level? Do you need to study before a French exam like the OQLF exam or the BRIGHT test? Or maybe you just want to improve your talking skills before a trip abroad… For effective learning, we advise you to take some online French courses.

Global Lingua x French Bien

Take advantage of the online French courses offered by Global Lingua to learn French from home! No more group courses in which you go unnoticed. Taking French courses online means being able to :

  • take private and personalized courses
  • take advantage of a custom-made course according to your objectives (travel, career, exam)
  • choose the time and day of your class and take it remotely thanks to Google Meet
  • monitor your progress through an evaluation system

Benefits of online courses

Global Lingua employs around 20 teachers from all over the world to ensure that each student will find the right tutor. It’s also possible to choose from dozens of specialized courses: French courses for beginners, advanced French courses, legal French courses, written French courses, OQLF French exam, etc… For sure, you will find the perfect online French courses for your needs.

Each course lasts 30 minutes, so we advise you to schedule two courses back to back in order to be more efficient. Online French courses are a great way to improve quickly!

Free learning guide

Evaluate your level according to the CEFR and then choose the course package that suits you best.

>> It’s your first online course? If you don’t know what to expect, read this “user guide” article!

And in between online French courses, keep up your level by doing Babbel exercises! To learn French quickly, it’s important to be regular in your revisions: that’s exactly what Babbel offers in just 15 minutes a day.

Take online French courses

You can also watch some French movies or listen to podcasts