Visit Bruges during the weekend

You heard that they do great waffles in Belgium? Sure, Belgian beer and food are reasons alone to go visit this country. But wait to see all the places you could see if you visit Bruges! Trust us, it’s worth the trip if you’re close by. Here are 14 places to see during a weekend in Bruges.

1The Belfry Tower

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It’s hard to miss it. This medieval tower stands at 83 meters tall and offers a beautiful panorama on the city of Bruges. The Belfry of Bruges was built around 1240 and houses 47 bells. If you’re brave enough (or at least, in shape), you can climb to the top using the narrow and steep staircase of 366 steps, accessible by the public for an entry fee. Also, you might recognize this ancient monument from the 2008 movie “In Bruges”, with Colin Farrell.

2Brugge Markt

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Even if the Belfry Tower is the main attraction here, it would be a shame to miss out on the beautiful marketplace. Surrounded by beautiful houses, the place hosts a colorful market every Wednesday. Fruits, vegetables, cheese and hot snacks… Be sure to visit all the stands and surround yourself with the Belgian French language !

3Rozenhoedkaai (Quay of the Rosary)

If you Googled Bruges, surely you’ve seen pictures of beautiful houses reflecting in a canal. One of the best views of these houses is located at Rozenhoedkaai, aka the Quay of the Rosary. Take your time to admire the peaceful water and to take pictures of the pretty houses. You can’t visit Bruges without taking a picture of this view! Then, feel free to go and admire the Beer Wall at 2be Bar.