Learning a new language is exciting

Do you like learning a new language? If you’ve already tried to learn a new foreign language, you might have gone through different phases. From utterly excited to anxious you’ll be able to speak with someone without making too many mistakes… We tried to make a list of all the things we do (and the feelings we have) when learning a new language. Do you recognize yourself?

Things We Do When Learning a New Language

When you hear a new language, you…

    1. Think that this new language sounds beautiful and fun to learn
    2. Decide to learn this language even though your schedule is already full
    3. Read about the complicated alphabet / weird grammar rules / silent letters and realize that it will be very difficult
    4. Think about cancelling your new project but are too stubborn to quit
    5. Buy (too) many books about this new and promising language
    6. Are way too excited to learn basic words and sentences like “hello” and “how are you”
    7. Refuse to learn any kind of grammar just yet, because it’s scary
    8. Are confident enough to watch a movie in your target language but realize very quickly that you’ll need the subtitles
    9. Don’t give up and buy more books

      Learning a new language with books
    10. Look for fun videos (in the target language) to watch on Youtube
    11. Feel overwhelmed with everything you still have to learn
    12. Take a break from your studies
    13. Forget most of what you’ve just learned
    14. Hear someone speak in the language you used to study
    15. Feel nostalgic
    16. Decide to learn it again by downloading a language app
    17. Struggle with the pronunciation
    18. Struggle with the grammar and all the exceptions
    19. Try to find native people with whom you could have a conversation and work on your skills
    20. Decide to go all the way by taking some online language courses
    21. See real progress, week after week
    22. Go on vacation abroad just to show off your language skills
    23. Hear someone speak in another language you don’t know (yet)
    24. Think that this new language sounds very nice and fun to learn
    25. Decide to learn this language (thanks to New Year resolutions) even though your schedule is already full
    Learning a new language is exciting

    Does it sound familiar? Do you know any polyglot who always feels the need to learn a brand new and exciting language even though he’s already learning multiple dialects? To be honest, we totally understand this urge. Learning a new language is exciting. Languages are beautiful, complex and so rich in culture… The more, the merrier, don’t you think?