1. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 has more than 400 videos for you to learn French. Most of the videos are short so you will never get bored or feel too overwhelmed with your lessons. They make sure the lessons are interesting, fun, and always make them culturally relevant so you can know a little more about the French culture. Of course, the lessons on Youtube are free and lessons are released every week so you can keep on learning!  

2. Comme Une Française

Learn French with Géraldine Lepère. Her 94 thousand plus subscribers will confirm that she teaches in a fun and passionate way. Her lessons aren’t very long but she releases new ones every Tuesday. She’s been doing this for 5 years now so she knows what works and what doesn’t. She divides all her videos in themes so you can concentrate on specific things you’d like to learn.

3. Damon and Jo

This Youtube channel might not be the most educational French learning channel but these two are so entertaining and fun that you will learn anyway! They publish French-related videos on Fridays. They travel the world and talk about their experiences. They are quite impressive because between the two the speak 6 languages. This is the perfect motivation to start learning a new language and travel like them!

4. Walk, Talk, and Learn French from Coffee Break Languages

These episodes will make you travel to the streets of France! You get to learn French and visit the country at the same time. Pierre-Benoît, the host of the show, explains the meaning of various signs, ads, billboards, etc. that he notices while walking around. It’s a great way to learn the language because if you ever get to travel to France you can understand the meaning of important signs.

5. MadmoiZelle

This isn’t technically a real Youtube channel to learn French but if you’re interested in makeup, hair, fashion, books, cooking, etc., you’ll enjoy this channel and learn about real French culture. Learning about a culture is as important as learning how to speak it. If you understand why French people act the way they do, or why they love food and wine so much, you’ll be more interested in their language. They also have a website so you can practice reading too!

6. YouLearnFrench

YouLearnFrench has very short videos for you to learn basic everyday words and sentences. You can learn how to introduce yourself and you can even learn some popular comptines which means nursery rhymes in French. There are quizzes and tests to make sure you are learning words and sentences properly.  

7. Learn French With Alexa

Alexa Polidoro is the most entertaining French teacher you’ll ever get. She really gets into character, dresses up, and creates a really fun environment for you. She is no amateur, she has taught French to children and adults for many years already. With more than 300,000 subscribers and more than 300 videos, this woman really knows what she’s doing. She’s easy to follow and makes learning verb tenses actually enjoyable.

8. Learn French with Vincent

This guy has tons of various videos that will help you learn about French grammar, expressions, everyday dialogues, and if you are a more visual person, he has videos for images of animals or things so you can easily associate the two together. There is a logical order to his videos so you can really notice your progress along the way.