French Youtube Channels

Learning a new language is a great thing to do. It improves your memory, you have a longer attention span, and you get to learn about a whole new culture! There are so many tools out there to help you learn French, and one of them is to watch Youtube channels. What’s great about Youtube is that it’s free! And it’s visual, which makes it much more easy to learn. Check out these 8 Youtube channels to help you learn the beautiful French language.

Youtube Channels To Help You Learn French


FrenchPod101 has more than 400 videos for you to learn French on Youtube. Most of the videos are short so you will never get bored or feel too overwhelmed with your lessons. They make sure the lessons are interesting, fun, and always make them culturally relevant so you can know a little more about the French culture. Of course, the lessons on Youtube are free and lessons are released every week so you can keep on learning!  

2Comme Une Française

Learn French on Youtube with Géraldine Lepère. Her 94 thousand plus subscribers will confirm that she teaches in a fun and passionate way. Her lessons aren’t very long but she releases new ones every Tuesday. She’s been doing this for 5 years now so she knows what works and what doesn’t. She divides all her videos in themes so you can concentrate on specific things you’d like to learn.

3Damon and Jo

This Youtube channel might not be the most educational French learning channel but these two are so entertaining and fun that you will learn anyway! They publish French-related videos on Fridays. They travel the world and talk about their experiences. They are quite impressive because between the two the speak 6 languages. This is the perfect motivation to start learning a new language and travel like them!