learn French with you

Why learn French? The French themselves give us a good answer—“pour le plaisir”, or “for pleasure.” It’s also a professional advantage, a bonus for travelers and a sure way to sound cosmopolitan. But how to convince that friend of yours to take up the challenge with you? Here are 6 ways to convince your friend to become your study buddy and learn French with you.

The more the merrier. It’s especially true in language learning! You might be able to learn a new language all by yourself, but if you want to be efficient and have fun doing it, you’d better find a study buddy. So let’s find someone who wants to learn French with you! With a study buddy, you’ll be able to find motivation when you want to give up, schedule study sessions when you feel the urge to quit, practice speaking French (maybe while planning some vacations in France)…

Here are some incentives to convince your friend to learn French with you.

How to Convince Your Friend to Learn French With You?

Offer Them a “Cadeau D’Inspiration” or “Inspiration Gift”

A French cookbook, tickets for a French romantic movie with subtitles, a travel guide to Provence, or a fashion book could trigger their curiosity—especially if it’s something they’re already passionate about. Tell them they could enrich their knowledge even more by actually understanding the language in its original version. Plus, you could share experiences, whether it’s cooking ratatouille or watching Moulin Rouge.

Point Out the French Flair in Their Favorite Topics

Do they love history? The Louvre can be fascinating, but only if you read the French labels. Are they into fashion? Top designers like Chanel or Dior are French. Love gastronomy? French cuisine is a cultural heritage. In short, no matter what tickles their fancy, you can always “francophone” it. With French, the world is a little more interesting.

Perk Up Their Travel Bug

Has your friend ever dreamed of walking down the Champs Elysées, viewing the Eiffel Tower or touring vineyards in the Loire Valley? Planning to visit the French Caribbean, Québec, or Réunion Island? Sure, you might survive with minimal French skills, but not really immerse into the culture. Knowing even a few French words and phrases will make those trips more enjoyable, and show some respect for the locals. It’s also a great excuse to plan a trip together, and explore French music, art, and heritage firsthand.

Croissants en terrasse

Bribe Them With Cheese and Wine

Or croissants, pain au chocolat, madeleines, macarons, and, of course, French bread. If you know that your friend’s love language includes food, invite them for a tasting session. They might discover that the language is as delicious as its products. Plus, you can bond over food and drink, especially if it’s a themed gathering, like a French apéro or brunch. And, if they’re feeling adventurous, they could even try cooking their own French dish, with your help!

Appeal to Their Inner Romance

French is the language of love, and of poets and philosophers. Even if your friend isn’t into the cliché version of French romance, they could appreciate the beauty and complexity of the language. With French, you can express nuances, finesse, humor, and sensitivity that are lost in translation. You can write love letters, or protest letters, sing or argue, and feel like you’re part of a rich literary heritage.

Remind Them of the Health Benefits of Learning a Language

Last but not least, studies have shown that learning a new language stimulates your brain, enhances your memory and cognitive skills, and reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s. In other words, French is good for your health, for your heart and for your mind.

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Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration and tips on how to convince your friend to join you on this learning journey. Remember: learning French shouldn’t be a chore, but a joy. Find ways to make it fun, relevant, and meaningful to both of you. Bonne chance, et bon voyage!