7Mercredi (Wednesday)

Mercredi is a word you should master since you probably have to say it every week. Again, you really have to roll the r’s. Merrrrr-crrrrrrrre-di.

8Chirurgie (surgery)

Again with the r’s! Hopefully, you won’t have to use this word too often since no one wants to go through surgery but if you do need to whip this one out, we can help you learn how to pronounce it: chi-rrrrrrrrur-j (sure sounds easy, right?). Don’t forget that you don’t pronounce the e at the end.

9Heure (hour)

You might find yourself asking for the time in a foreign French country if your phone dies and you don’t wear a watch! In order for people to understand you, you need to master this small but mighty word. Unlike the English pronunciation, the h and last e are both silent so it sounds like this: eur.