4Écureuil (squirrel)

Squirrels are everywhere in Québec and France so if you’re visiting one of these places and want to impress your significant other by naming the animal in French, it is easier to do then you might think. It just gets a little more difficult towards the end. Let’s see: é-q-reuil. Just remember that euil makes a eu sound. 

5Serrure (lock)

Anglophones have trouble rolling their r’s. This is why we included this word on the list. You really have to go slowly: se-rrrrrrru-rrrrrre. Thankfully, this is not a word you really use in your everyday life.

6Queue (tail)

Anglos always have a lot of trouble with q’s. The British also say queue but they pronounce it like “q”. In French, the q is stronger and even sounds more like a k and the e at the end is silent. Here is how you should pronounce it: keu.