Even though everyone has to take obligatory language classes in high school or university, some people find it much easier to learn a new language than other people. There are many reasons why some people find it easy to learn French or Spanish. It can also depend on the age when you start learning, etc. Here are some of the reasons why some people learn languages more easily than others.

Why Is It Easier for Some People to Learn Languages?

1They study a lot


This might sound like the most annoying (but true!) thing to say but you have to have dedication to learn a new language. You can’t expect to learn French or German if you listen to one 5 minute video once a week. You need to stay assiduous if you want to advance at a good pace. There are so many resources available online that it’s impossible not to find something that works for you. You can download all these free apps and practice on your way to work in the bus or subway when you’re waiting in the dentist’s office when you wait for your water to boil when you’re cooking pasta…

Yes, some people learn languages more easily than others. But maybe it’s because they work harder for it! If you need some extra motivation, be sure to check out this free learning guide.

2They have great memory skills


Ok, so some research actually shows that some brains are not wired to learn languages and retain linguistic skills. According to a research, just with a brain scan, they can tell who can learn languages easily. Polyglots have some great learning skills because they are used to it, they have memorization techniques that are much more interesting techniques than the ones used in schools for example.

3They are genuinely interested in learning new languages


Being forced to learn a new language at school can be painful and feel like real torture. If you learn a language because you want to, then that’s different. You’ll want to push yourself and get more fluent because it interests you. People who learn languages more easily will want to study a lot. Some people learn languages more easily because they already learned new ones!