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Do you often find yourself yawning during your French classes? Practice French online by reading something you love, like food blogs! Here are some great French food blogs to browse so you can learn the proper French food vocabulary but also discover new bloggers! Discover new recipes and delicious food trends while learning French thanks to these French food blogs.

If you’re lucky enough to have a private teacher, it might be easier to learn this language if, when you are practicing, the subject you are discussing interests you. For example, if you love food and drinks, we are sure you will find it much easier discussing ingredients and food trends with your teacher than the local economy.

1Blond Story


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Blond Story first started in 2013 as a platform for Virginie Goudreault to share her favourite discoveries and help people have a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. She has tons of great healthy recipes that will energize and satisfy you. She’s also a huge fan of yoga, jogging and meditation. Her team of professionals give great advice on what you should eat before and after a run or which yoga postures are the most relaxing. She also has tons of videos you can watch from recipes to workout routines.

2Trois fois par jour

Trois fois par jour is the creative project of Marilou Bourdon, a Quebec singer turned chef and food blogger/influencer. She wrote three books but still has an active online presence with her website. And surely, it’s one of the most famous French food blogs. If you love art of the table, beautiful images and delicious recipes that are sometimes very healthy and other times revisited comfort foods, then you’ll truly enjoy browsing her articles and recipes. She also posts videos of her various recipes. Check out her instagram page for some decorating ideas with pictures of her very lovely home.

3Christelle is flabbergasting

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Christelle is a Parisian woman who’s two passions are food and travelling. She published her first book in 2014 called Ensemble, cuisine gourmande et colorée which is filled with cocktail, brunch, salad, pasta, pizza and dessert recipes. On her blog you can find tons of free recipes, her favourite travel destinations (including her favourite spots where to eat so you don’t have to rack your brain to find delicious restaurants when you’re abroad) and also an Inspirations section for her tips to create a nice table setting, etc.