Learn some French slang words

Every language has its own unique terms that aren’t necessarily taught in school or in exercise workbooks. But it might be good to know some French slang words… This list is not extensive but the words we chose are quite popular and common in everyday conversations. Try using 1 or 2 of them the next time you meet up with some French people. We’re sure they will be impressed with your knowledge of French slang words.



Being chiant (chiante is for females) means someone or something is annoying, irritating, or getting on your nerves. This is a derogatory term people will use when they are upset or annoyed.

Example: Le professeur de mathématiques est vraiment chiant (the math teacher is really annoying).

2Laisse tomber


Laisse tomber means nevermind, not wanting to finish something, to abandon something you started.

Example: Laisse tomber…je ne veux plus y aller (nevermind…I don’t want to go anymore).



A mec is slang for man.

Example: Ce mec n’arrête pas de m’appeler (this guy won’t stop calling me).