French Ted Talks

Listening to TED talks is a great way to learn about various subjects like religion, health, science or love, but they are also a great way to feel more human. If you’re trying to learn French, it can be boring to just listen to videos about grammar and vocabulary. Watching some cool French TED Talks will not only help you with your French but you’ll also learn a few things at the same time. It’s a win-win situation! Enjoy these French Ted Talks.

When you listen to someone speak about a problem they faced and had to overcome or learn about a new scientific discovery, you learn a lot about what’s going on in the world. If ever you don’t feel 100% comfortable with French yet, you can add some subtitles to make sure you catch everything.

1Djinn Carrénard: Le cinéma du vivant

Looking for French Ted Talks about cinema? Djinn Carrénard is a Haitian film director. He’s directed two feature films: Donoma and FLA (Faire L’Amour) and numerous short films and video clips. His 2012 TEDxParis talk is all about cinema and how his goal as a director is to go through the process of writing characters to making them become living creatures on the screen. He wants to film real people with real emotions.And now that he has a bigger budget, he doesn’t want that to change. The emotions a movie portrays is more important than any special effects.

2Nicole Turbé-Suetens: Télétravail d’avenir

Nicole Turbé-Suetens is the founder of Distance Expert, a network of experts from the world of work and technology. In 2011, she discussed telework and how people waste so much of their time going to and from their work by getting caught in traffic just to go to work and sit at their computer… When this is something they could easily do from their home. At the time, companies weren’t flexible or modern enough to allow their workers more telework. Do you think it improved since? Everyone talks about having a good work-life balance but a lot of companies still don’t let their workers do this.

3Florence Servan: Le pouvoir de la gratitude

Florence Servan is a French journalist and was one of the first people to teach Neuro-Linguistic Programming in France. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a way of achieving goals in life through language, neurological processes and experiences. Servan discusses this positive psychology that can treat common problems like learning disorders, allergies, depression, phobias and more in the video. If you love psychology then you’ll really enjoy this video.