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Are you interested in learning French but prefer using modern technology to make it easier for you? What if we told you that you could use one of the most popular apps in the world, Instagram, to learn how to speak French. There are a few Instagram accounts dedicated to teaching you how to speak French. Isn’t that great? The next time your French teacher or your mother tells you to get off Instagram to study, just show them the Instagram accounts you’re using to learn French! They will be bouche bée as they say in France!

1Learn French Easily

This Instagram account has 16k followers and is an easy way to learn at least one French word, a typically saying or a sentence daily. The posts are pretty and the account itself is harmonious. The pastel background colours and cute images really add a little something to the learning process. Learn phrases like Il pleut (it is raining), Tu vas me manquer (I will miss you), and Es-tu libre demain? (Are you free tomorrow?). Instead of scrolling through pictures of beauty tutorials or fail videos, learn a few French words!


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🇫🇷 En juin, nous remonterons le fleuve Lee vers Cork, arpenterons Hong-Kong en compagnie de Pierre-Alexis Dumas, directeur artistique de la maison Hermès, et roulerons dans Memphis en musique… "Tant d'horizons cachés dans un seul mot : country» selon les mots de Marie Modiano. #Irlande #Cork #HongKong #Memphis #ÉtatsUnis #PierreAlexisDumas 🇬🇧 In June, we head up the River Lee to Cork, explore Hong-Kong with Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès and drive around Memphis, a musical trip. “So many images and perspectives tucked away in a single word: country,” writes @MarieModiano #Ireland #Cork #HongKong #Memphis #UnitedStates #PierreAlexisDumas @Hermes Photo / Sanja Marusic pour #AirFranceMagazine

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So, this Instagram account won’t teach you about grammar and verb tenses but you’ll learn a lot about food, travelling, different cultures and geography and see some of the most beautiful places in the world. The photography is great and all the posts have French descriptions so you’ll still read in French while you’re gobsmacked by all the beauty. This account is great for travel inspiration if ever you’re wondering where to go on vacation next! Add Air France Magazine to your favorite Instagram accounts!


Frenchwords is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account with 584 thousand followers. Frenchwords mixes beautiful photography with French words, sayings, and citations. The light grey background of each individual page is soothing and the minimalistic writing doesn’t get on your nerves. Because of the photography, it just feels like a nice travel blog page you’re following but at least you’ll learn new words at the same time.