7It always snows in Quebec whatever the month

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No, this is totally untrue. Quebecers are lucky to have 4 distinct seasons during the 12 months of the year. It usually snows from November or December to March or April in most cities. Of course, the further south you go, the milder it gets (makes sense, right?!). If you visit this province in the wintertime, of course, there is a difference in temperature when visiting Montreal or the Saguenay region but don’t even think of bringing your winter jacket in July. The summers actually get quite hot because of the high humidity levels. This isn’t the North Pole.

8Céline Dion is God

Ahhh, Céline. What a character! Some Quebecers are obsessed with her and see her as a true Quebec icon but a lot of people also don’t care about her or love to hate her and this is one of the stereotypes Quebecers are tired of hearing. Her story is inspiring and who can forget the song My Heart Will Go On from the hit movie Titanic? She’s not the only great singer born in this province so it’s normal not everyone is obsessed with this one of a kind singer from Charlemagne, Québec.

9They are not cultured

Just because Quebecers aren’t from the same country as Voltaire or Jules Verne, it doesn’t mean they have no culture. There are plays, exhibits, concerts, operas, poetry readings, etc. in most Quebec cities just like in Europe and the United States. Many Quebecers have won international awards for their novels, plays and art. Read some Quebec literature and see for yourself!