4Maple syrup runs through their veins

Maple syrup is delicious. This sticky, sweet and addictive golden syrup can be incorporated into many dishes: vinaigrettes, on pancakes, in marinades, etc. Quebecers do love their maple syrup but they also love jam, Nutella, peanut butter and other toppings for their favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. Maple syrup does get even more popular in the Spring when it is sugar shack time all over this province.   

5Everyone wears plaid shirts

Some Quebecers are lucky enough to have a beautiful cottage or country home where they can wear comfortable clothes like sweatpants, plaid shirts and comfy socks. So, yes people do wear plaid shirts but not every day and people who do wear them in the city might not be the most stylish of people. Plaid shirts can be cute but don’t expect to see every single Quebecer with one on, especially not in big cities like Montreal. This is definitely one of the biggest stereotypes Quebecers are tired of hearing.

6In the winter, people get around with snowmobiles or dog sleds

Unless you live in a very small town with bad roads or you’re going on a little jaunt in the countryside, Quebecers do not all own snowmobiles or dog sleds as modes of transportation. Dog sleds and snowmobiles are mostly big tourist attractions that foreigners want to experience. Ski-doos are a Quebec invention but don’t expect to see some whizzing past you in big cities.