stereotypes quebecers are tired of hearing

Do you have stereotypes on Quebecers? For Quebecers, some of the most common stereotypes associated with them are negative and untrue. Yes, some people really love hockey or enjoy eating a poutine after a night out but that doesn’t mean all Quebecers are hockey-obsessed poutine-eating machines. Discover some of the best and worst stereotypes Quebecers are tired of hearing and at the same time, learn a little bit more about these French Canadians.

Stereotypes can be positive or negative but when they are negative they can be truly annoying for the people targeted. Of course, these stereotypes are (usually) based on real facts but they can also be exaggerated, superfluous and backwards. It’s time for some French Canadian stereotypes. 

1Every single Quebecer loves hockey

Yes, some people are obsessed with hockey and see it as a religion but it doesn’t mean every single Quebecer loves hockey more than life. Most Canadians are big hockey fans since it is the country’s national sport but in Eastern and Northern European countries like Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia, Latvia and Finland it is also a national sport so Quebecers should not be the only ones categorized as hockey obsessed people.    

2They only eat poutine and sugar shack food

Let’s get one thing straight, most Quebecers really enjoy eating a poutine and will defend their provincial dish with great vigour but they don’t eat it 24/7 365 days a year. Most poutines are eaten during outdoor festivals, as a late-night snack, or during various celebrations. Poutines are not very healthy (it consists of fries, gravy sauce and cheese curds but people can add anything they want to it like pogo pieces, onions, peppers, etc.) so it is normal Quebecers don’t eat it all the time! This is one of the stereotypes Quebecers are tired of hearing…kind of.

3They all swear like truckers (no offence to truckers)

Fine, Quebecers do have a lot of swear words in their repertoire but so does every other single culture. If you go to a big city like Montreal, you might hear a few Tabarnak, calisse and criss but most people speak very politely and only swear when it is mandatory. If you go to more remote towns you might hear more swear words but just because they live in smaller towns it does not mean they swear all day long.