French cooking Youtube channels

Do you like watching Youtube videos to unwind at the end of the day? Youtube videos are a great way to relax while still learning a few things! Proof is with these 6 YouTube channels, which are perfect to learn how to cook in French. Practicing French and cooking great food has never been easier.

We never get tired of saying it: the secret to learning French quickly is regularity. It’s so important to practice every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Between two online courses, you should read in French or watch some videos in French. Youtube videos are perfect for that, since you can choose if you want to watch something short or longer. And if you’re gonna binge watch some French contents, you should choose something you like… Like food and cooking?

Here are 6 Youtube channels about food (healthy or not) and about cooking (fancy or not). You’ll find great recipes, weird food challenges and daily vlogs.

French YouTube Channels to Learn How to Cook

Alice Esmeralda

This Youtuber is all about healthy vegan food. If you’re looking for classic recipes with a vegan twist or tips about the vegan lifestyle, you will love this Youtube channel. Her voice is very soft and soothing, so pay attention to the vocabulary she uses instead of relaxing. She also likes the “what I eat in a day” format, so you will be able to learn some daily life vocabulary.


If you like fast food and comfort food, look no further. A few years ago, this Youtuber became famous creating homemade versions of classic fast foods, or cooking XXL versions of food. Nowadays, he prefers filming challenges or testing trendy burgers. Be careful, you might get really hungry watching these videos.

Enjoy Cooking

Do you know Marie Lopez, aka EnjoyPhoenix? She has a main Youtube channel as well as a cooking channel. Three years ago, she stopped filming recipes, but seems to enjoy cooking again (pun intended). You’ll find various recipes: classic dishes, cakes, vegan food, hot drinks, etc.

Hervé Cuisine

This is one of the first French cooking Youtube channels to have been launched in 2007. It features hundreds of delicious recipes, from classic French dishes to original pies. Hervé Cuisine also cooks live every Sunday at 5PM, so it might be an interesting challenge for French learners to cook while listening to Hervé! You’ll have to pay extra attention in order to follow the recipes and not burn anything.


If you like Youtube channels about food but aren’t really into cooking, may we suggest the FoodStory channel? You’ll be able to watch plenty of long and short documentaries about food and cooking: how to eat in order to sleep well, the secrets of the Elysee kitchens, the famous “jambon-beurre” sandwich… You will learn a lot.

La Petite Okara

Since 2016, La Petite Okara offers 100% vegan recipes for its followers. Sometimes, she presents three recipes around the same theme: barbecue, dips, picnics… And if you’re interested in becoming vegan, she also has plenty of videos about the subject.

Sharpen your knife and your pens (to take notes) and enjoy these cooking Youtube channels. Soon, you’ll become an expert in French pastries or juicy burgers… Do you have any other French cooking Youtube channels to recommend?

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