French Ted Talk with Charlie Danger

Are you looking for a way to educate yourself? To learn something new? The self-isolation and lockdown period has been hard for many people, while others decided to take advantage of their time at home to learn new things. Here are 6 French Ted Talks for 2020, to watch in order to be better equipped for the year to come.

Ted Talks are conferences happening all over the world in various languages. Actors, scientists, humorists, workers and athletes reunite around a specific theme to discuss about the world. In 2019 and in the beginning of 2020, many French Ted Talks took place in francophone countries. Here are 6 of them, enjoy!

Vos oreilles sont racistes | Cécilia Pellet-Many

Do you struggle with your native accent when speaking French? The right pronunciation is certainly one of the most difficult things to master, when learning a new language. Especially if you fear that you will not be taken seriously without a solid accent. In this TedTalk, Cécilia Pellet-Many explains how the different accents or dialects can impact how you feel about someone else.

L’optimisme du chaos | Noman Hosni

Are you an optimistic or a pessimistic person? What do you think the future holds for us? For the comedian Noman Hosni, the future might bring chaos. But wait, that’s a good thing! Thanks to the Internet and the fact that information is able to travel around the world, positive changes might happen…

Je l’ai fait, pourquoi pas vous ? | Aurélie Brihmat

In need of some motivation? This young woman was amputated at the age of 17 years old. But it didn’t stop her from following her dreams: travelling all around France on her horse. In the end, Aurélie Brihmat explains that your only limits are the ones you set for yourself. This video is full of optimism and Aurélie speaks slow enough for all the French students to understand.

Pourquoi se passer des réseaux sociaux ? | Jimmy Mohamed

Whether you use social networks or not, you surely have an opinion on their usefulness or, on the contrary, on their toxicity. Are social networks a curse or a benediction? During this talk, Jimmy talks about his personal relationship with social media like Twitter and how we might not see some hidden dangers: difficulty to sleep after watching screens, myopia because of tired eyes, etc…

L’instant présent est la porte de l’engagement | Shirley Souagnon

Do you know Shirley Souagnon? You might know Shirley the comedian. Now, meet Shirley the producer! Motivation and new projects can happen overnight, but the important thing to remember is to go for it. Take the leap.

Pourquoi vous ne vous sentirez jamais la plus belle ? | Charlie Danger

Why do we keep comparing ourselves as humans, but especially as women? Charlie Danger is an archaeologist and she has a YouTube channel “Les revues du Monde”, on which she talks about varied and surprising subjects on archaeology and history. In this Ted Talk, she explains why and how women have been taught to look a certain way and to compete with each other.

With these French Ted Talks, you’ll be studying French while learning inspiring new things. Would you recommend other French Ted Talks for 2020? We’re looking to update this article throughout the year.