4Dur dur d’être bébé!, Jordy (1992)

Guess how old Jordy was when this song was released? Only four and a half… His father, Claude Lemoine, was a music producer and he’s the one who got the idea for Dur dur d’être bébé! after his son tried to be in a TV advertisement where he should repeat “hard hard to be wet”. He released three albums (Pochette Surprise in 1992, Potion Magique in 1993 and Récréation in 1995), but never got the same success. Did you expect a little kid to be amongst the most popular French songs from the 1990s?

5Darla dirladada, Les G.O. Cul-ture (1993)

Do you know this song? This specific version was used for a French movie, Les Bronzés. The lyrics were changed to fit with the happy and festive atmosphere of summer holidays in Club Med. It might seem weird, since the traditional song used by sponge divers, was a sad song about suicide…

6Je danse le Mia, IAM (1994)

The French hip-hop band IAM recorded this song in February 1994, as the first single from their second album. The melody is rather joyful and funky, which isn’t representative of their usual pessimistic songs. Surprisingly, Je danse le Mia is still considered the signature song of the band.