1. Hélène (Roch Voisine)

A sad and melancholic song, Hélène by Roch Voisine is a love song you’ll want to play when you’re feeling low or when you just want some solitude. Even though there is an English chorus (Helen things you do make me crazy about you…), the Quebecers love this song and its meaning.

2. Incognito (Céline Dion)

This very (very) 80s track is the total Céline package: big hair, big sunglasses, and electro-pop. This is exactly what you wanted to hear in clubs in the 80s and you’ll still love hearing it today when someone plays it in the car or at a party.

3. Chats sauvages (Marjo)

Another very 80s song, Marjo’s Les chats sauvages is a nice song you’ll love to sing while doing some karaoke with friends (after a few drinks). Marjo sings about being independent and free from anyone and we love that and second that.

4. Ils s’aiment (Daniel Lavoie)

Ahhh, the 80s! A time when electro sounds were loved and used way, way too much. Except, if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll know that this song is sad and full of sentiment since it was inspired by a reporter walking through a bombarded Beyrouth.

5. Pied de poule (Dolbie Stéréo)

This song will get you off your feet. This song is kind of absurd, sarcastic and satiric but you’ll love it after listening to it a couple of times. Watch the musical (with the same name) and you’ll really get into it.

6. Repartir à zéro (Joe Bocan)

This is the singer’s biggest hit and we can understand why. The song is all about acceptance and about being nice to each other wherever you come from (with that 80s twist of course!).

7. Amère América (Luc De Larochellière)

This guy came out of nowhere in the 80s but he was able to make the whole province fall in love with him. He is a very philosophical singer and makes a lot of links with his video clip and the lyrics of his songs. This is a real song for those anarchists out there.

8. Je voudrais voir la mer (Michel Rivard)

This song is all about the sea and the grandeur of nature. Listen to this while on route to your cottage or when you want to feel closer to the sea.

9. Toujours vivant (Gerry Boulet)

The little trumpet solo at the beginning will convince you this song is great. This rock song is another great karaoke song you’ll love to belt out while hanging out with friends. People in the 80s loved his badass attitude and rock/blues sound.

10. Fais attention (Les B.B.)

This band had a one-hit wonder kind of career but this song did make them famous and entertained Quebecers for a few months. Enjoy the rock and fun melody that will make you dance for hours.