4Gwyneth Paltrow

This girl does it all: she has her own lifestyle brand, two kids, makes movies, has a skincare line, and she speaks French. For the release of Iron Man 3, Paltrow was interviewed by the French press and she answered most of the questions in (almost) perfect French. A+ for Gwyn!

5Hugh Jackman

Our favourite Wolverine can talk…French! The Aussie superstar surprised everyone when he whipped out a few words of French while on a French talk show.  After saying “Je suis absolument ravi d’être parmi vous ce soir”, the actor said a few other words he knows like “croissant”, “quelle heure est-il” and “le coq sportif”.

6Audrey Hepburn

The all-around amazing actress and humanitarian spoke French beautifully. Her first husband also spoke French so we are guessing they practised at home to keep up the vocabulary. She also had a great relationship with Hubert de Givenchy, a French fashion designer, so she had a great chance of practising her French with him. She also spoke Dutch, Italian and Spanish.