Popular baby names for 2021

Looking for a baby name for 2021? If you’re not into the baby names deriving from the COVID-19 pandemic like Corona, let us present you with some French baby names options. Between classic baby names, vintage baby names and trendy names, French people are all about short names.

It is never easy to choose a name for a baby. It might sound obvious but, yes, your baby will have to grow up with the name you chose! Some parents like to have several options of baby names for girls and boys. So if you’re looking to make a list, here are some of the French baby names that might be popular for 2021.

French Baby Names for Girls in 2021

Are you expecting a baby girl for 2021? Or are you looking for a name for your future baby? It’s always interesting to see what the popular names are in other countries. What are the baby names for girls that are trending in France? Here are 20 popular names that could be trending in 2021…



Jade is still a very popular name in France! It comes from the Spanish word “piedra de la ijada”, which means “stone of the sides”. More than a beautiful stone, it was supposed to have medicinal virtues. The name Jade was among the most popular French baby names last year.



Alice comes from the Old French name Aalis, which is a short form of Adelais and a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis (Adélaïde).



It’s difficult to really coin the origin of this name. It’s the diminutive form of Maria, but can also come from Miriam, Amelia, Emilia or even Maya. Mia means “mine” in Italian and Spanish.