why the French come to Quebec

1. Montreal is a little bit cheaper compared to Europe


A few years ago, the cost of life in Montreal was pretty cheap compared to the one in big French cities like Paris or Lyon. But since the COVID-19 pandemic and the inflation, the housing prices have increased in Québec. Same for the cost of groceries and gas… Luckily, the euro is still stronger than the Canadian dollar, so French people can feel like they have a better purchasing power during their trip in Montreal.

2. The French feel less judged in Montreal


Many French people have expressed that in Montreal and other Canadian cities, they feel less judged and have less pressure than in their native France. They feel as though they can be themselves and not try to prove themselves to their parents or friends.

3. It’s advantageous for them to study in Canada


The government of Canada reduces school fees for international students from France. Instead of paying the international rate, French students pay the same school fees as other Quebec students. French students will pay less than Canadians students that live outside Quebec. And there are many great business schools in Quebec.

4. The economy isn’t doing too well in France

Since the economic meltdown of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic, it became harder to find a (well-payed) job in France. Quebec has a lower unemployment rate (4% vs France’s 7%) so it makes sense for them to move there.

5. Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in North America


It’s normal that French people would want to flock to Montreal since it’s the largest French-speaking city in North America. Most of the French speak only a little bit of English and prefer to speak in their native tongue so they can keep speaking French and practice talking English at the same time!

6. Canada makes it (relatively) easy for French immigrants to move there


The Canadian government ensures to inform properly any French immigrant interested in moving to a Canadian city. The Canadian government also has a yearly fair in Paris and Brussels at the Canadian Embassy to provide more information to the French and Belgians about immigrating to Canada. The Work Holiday Visa is also very popular in France… Employers will seek French people looking for jobs. Also, Canadians don’t take as long to check equivalent credentials with the French as they do with other countries.

7. Quebec wants to keep its native tongue


Quebecers are happier to have French immigrants live and work in cities like Quebec and Montreal because this means that there are more people with French as their mother tongue. Quebec fiercely defends the French language so they are happy to have more French coming in.

Can you think about other reasons why the French come to Quebec? Did you decide to come live in Montreal as well ? If you want to learn to speak French, Global Lingua offers many language courses for newcomers.