French baby names for 2024

Are you expecting and looking for baby names for 2024? Or are you just curious to see how the baby name trend evolved since last year? Every year, we like to look at what the French are thinking and loving for names. So, what are the best French baby names for 2024? This year, it looks like medieval names are in! Who knew?!

Finding the perfect baby name can take some time. It has to be pretty (in your opinion, at least), to go well with your last name, not to make you think about an ex-lover or an awful friend of yours, and to pass the test of time. Well, we are here to help. Here are some baby names that will be very trendy in France in 2024.

Perfect Baby Girl Names for 2024

French baby names for 2024

Alba, Lina, June, Sasha, Zia, Louise, Joy

Short baby names are still a favorite for parents everywhere around the world.It’s all about choosing the perfect name only with a handful of letters. Extra points if the name finishes with the letter -a ! For several years, the name Emma was the number one choice in France, but it looks like Alba stole the crown.

Adèle, Augustine, Ophélie, Mona, Zélie, Victorine

The trend has continued unabated over the last few years: retro, old-fashioned feminine names such as Adèle, Augustine, Ophélie, Mona, Zélie and Victorine continue to appeal to young parents.

Adélaïde, Clothilde, Iseult, Mathilde, Yolande, Alice, Blanche, Jeanne, Margot

Have you ever thought about medieval feminine names? We often don’t know that they come from the Middle Ages, but medieval names will be on trend in 2024. Mathilde, Adélaïde, Clothilde, Iseult or even Yolande could be good choices for parents who like longer names. You can also look at shorter names like Alice, Blanche, Jeanne and Margot.

Abby, Elisabeth, Dina, Eden, Noémie, Yaël, Judith, Myriam

Another big winner in baby names: Biblical names. These will be on trend in 2024, especially Biblical names from the Old Testament. Think about Abby, Elisabeth, Dina, Eden, Noémie, Yaël, Judith and Myriam.

Ariane, Ysia, Luna, Diane, Chloé, Mélusine

And finally, what about mythical names? In 2024, names of divinities or from mythology are in vogue. Ariane, Ysia, Luna, Diane, Chloé, Mélusine… See something you like? French baby names for 2024 are surprising, don’t you think?

Perfect Baby Boy Names for 2024

French baby names for 2024

Aaron, Naïm, Kenzo, Marin, Pablo, Lino

Like for girls, short baby boy names are very in! Aaron, Naïm, Kenzo, Marin, Pablo, Lino… You pick.

Alfred, Constant, Lazare, Victor

If you’re looking for something vintage and unique, try these retro names: Alfred, Constant, Lazare or Victor. This last one is less unique but will pass the test of time for sure.

Tristan, Aloys, Enguerrand, Louis et Clovis

Okay, hear us out. Since medieval names are in, you could use the names Aloys and Enguerrand, which are pretty unique. For example, the name Enguerrand was given to only 34 babies in 2020. If you’re more comfortable with familiar names, try Tristan, Louis and Clovis.

Aaron, Ethan, Raphaël, Jonas, Samuel, Daniel, Elie

Looking for a safe bet? Biblical names are always a good choice when it comes to baby names and are always amongst the best French baby names for 2024. There are the classic Raphaël, Jonas, Samuel and Daniel, or you can try Aaron, Ethan and Elie. By the way, Elie is a gender-neutral name, even though it’s less common for girls.

Alan, Awen, Gildas, Fergus, Nolan, Donovan, Elouan

And what about Celtic and Irish baby boy names: it’s original and all the Celtic names have great significance. Look out for Elouan, Alan, Awen, Gildas, Fergus, Nolan (or Donovan).

Achille, Odon, Merlin, Ulysse, Enki, Josserand, Iovan

And finally, just like for the girls, mythical names for boys are very in. You can choose from names like Achille, Odon, Merlin and Ulysse or try something more unexpected like Enki, Josserand or Iovan…

Did you find something you like? Finding the perfect baby name can take some time, so just think about it over the next few weeks and come back to this list of the best French baby names for 2024 for inspiration or check out the list from 2023.