4Sewing machine (Barthélemy Thimonnier)


Ok, so the first real real sewing machine was invented by a German (Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal). But the first practical and widely used on was invented by the French tailor Barthélemy Thimonnier. The patent was issued in 1830 but after opening a clothing manufacturing company (the first in the world) to make war uniforms, the factory burned down. Apparently, it burned down because the workers were scared of losing their job.

5Stethoscope (René Laennec)


The stethoscope was first made in wood and was invented by René Laennec because he didn’t feel comfortable listening to a woman’s heart by having his ear pressed on her chest. He noticed that he put a piece of paper with one end on the person’s chest and the other on his ear, the sounds were amplified. He loosely modelled his stethoscope on an ‘ear trumpet’, a tool to help people with hearing problems hear better.

6Hair dryer (Alexander Godefroy)


It was a hair stylist, Alexander Godefroy, that invented the hair dryer in 1890. The first hair dryer was not portable nor small. It consisted of a chair contraption, with a bonnet attached to the chair and the bonnet was also attached to a chimney pipe or a gas stove. The hair dryer was later patented by an Armenian American inventor Gabriel Kazanjian in 1911.