Graphic novels are beautiful books filled with some amazing artwork. They are easy to read and often talk about important issues that many people can relate to. If you’ve already read a few graphic novels or on the contrary, you have never picked one up, you should really read at least one once in your life. Also, if you are taking some French classes and you’re looking for fun and interesting ways to do some “homework” then you should pick up a French graphic novel! We bet you’ll enjoy how easy they are to read. We’ve made it easy and have compiled a list of the 10 best French graphic novels you should read. Discover these incredible stories and fall in love with graphic novels!

1Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi)

This autobiographical black and white graphic novel starts with the author’s turbulent childhood in Iran during and after the Islamic Revolution to her teenage years in Vienna and after her failed marriage and return to Iran. The reader gets to learn more about Iranian history and what it was like for a young girl to live through this chaotic time in the Middle East. The author wrote two graphic novels and both were translated into many languages. A film was made and was nominated for Best Animated Feature in 2007 at the Oscars.

2Valerian (Pierre Christin et Jean-Claude Mézières)

This science-fiction graphic novel follows Valérian, a spatio-temporal agent, and his colleague, the redhead Laureline who live during the 28th century in Galaxity, Earth’s capital city. Valérian is described as a typical hero: good-looking, caring, strong and brave. Laureline is more than just a beautiful side character, she is unbelievably smart and independent. They protect the population from temporal paradoxes brought by rogue time-travellers. This graphic novel series has won numerous awards like the Grand Prix de la ville D’Angoulême.

3Grasse Carcasse – Blast, tome 1 (Manu Larcenet)

Blast tells the story of Polza Mancini, a 38-year-old obese writer. The story starts when Mancini decides to leave everything and leave after his father dies. The police take him into custody because they want to know what he’s done to Carole Oudinot. Mancini explains to the police about his blasts, these kinds of explosions where he feels the world completely. This graphic novel series has won many prizes including the Grand Prix RTL de la bande dessinée.