Best hits from the 1990's in Quebec

Sometimes, listening to old songs can bring back tons of memories and be a fun moment to reminisce about the “good old times”. If you were born before the 90s then you will be familiar with songs from this decade. If you ever wondered what were the best hits from the 1990’s in Quebec, this is your chance to find out. Ici Musique, Radio-Canada’s radio music station has compiled a list of the top Quebec songs from the 1990s. Warning: we are not responsible if you end up with any of these songs in your head for the rest of the day.

1Tu m’aimes-tu? (Richard Desjardins)

This sad ballad was a great song to sing around a campfire during the summer time or when you were going through the worst breakup of your life. There’s nothing like belting out a great poetic tune when you’re feeling sad.

21990 (Jean Leloup)

This fast-beat song is Quebec’s 1990 anthem. The music bad boy Jean Leloup know how to write a fun but socially charged song. Expressing his thoughts on the new age of technology, and makes everyone dance. One of the truest hits from the 1990’s.

3La rue Principale (Les Colocs)

This song is fun and full of harmonica and music you’d hear in a far west movie. Even though the song is actually a hate song about a small town’s decline since they added a shopping center and a McDonald’s, it is still upbeat and cheeky.