Quebec songs from the 1970's like Starmania
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Sometimes, listening to old songs can bring back tons of memories. If you were born before the 70s then you might be familiar with songs from this decade. But maybe you need us to refresh your memory… Ici Musique, Radio-Canada’s radio music station has compiled a list of the top Quebec songs from the 1970’s. Warning: we are not responsible if you end up with any of these songs in your head for the rest of the day.

1La complainte du phoque en Alaska (Beau dommage)

This sorrowful but beautiful song from Beau dommage’s album will truly transport you somewhere else. Listening to his quiet and melodious voice is a great day to start your day.

2Gens du pays (Gilles Vigneault)

This song is all about celebrating and loving the province of Quebec and was actually written to replace the famous English Happy Birthday song. You often hear this song on June 24th, on Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

3Pour un instant (Harmonium)

Harmonium is one of the most quintessential 70s Quebec band. Their great sound and beautiful melody will make you want to sing along and you’ll probably find yourself playing their whole collection of albums during a long road trip.