funny french words

Are you a language nerd looking to expand your knowledge of the French language? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to tell you all about some unique and interesting French words that you probably never knew existed. French can be a funny language, and these 7 words will give your French vocabulary an instant boost. Let’s get started!

Funny French Words You Never Even Knew Existed

1. “Tartignole”

This word can be spelled “tartignole” or “tartignolle” and is an adjective meaning “ridiculous, ugly and vulgar”. Just be careful when using it : it’s a familiar language and can be a bit insulting!

2. “Flâneur”

This noun refers to someone who walks around aimlessly, usually enjoying the sights and sounds of their surroundings. If you like taking leisurely strolls through town, then this word might just become one of your favorites! Be careful though, in Québec you might see some signs saying “interdiction de flâner”. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice stroll, but avoid any wandering.

3. “Goguenard”

Said of a person who likes to make jokes, to mock, but in a rather benevolent way and with humor. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to make someone laugh without being too serious or mean-spirited.

children laughing

4. “Glouglouter”

If you’ve ever heard a loud gurgling sound coming from someone’s stomach (or even the sink), then you know what this verb means! It literally translates to “gurgle,” so use it when describing those funny (and sometimes embarrassing) noises that occur after eating too much dinner or drinking too many sodas!

5. “Casse-pieds”

This expression is used to describe someone who is constantly getting on your nerves or annoying you in some way (usually by talking too much or asking too many questions). It literally means “break feet”. So if there’s someone at work who just won’t leave you alone, now you have the perfect word for them!

6. “Bougonner”

Although this word isn’t really use daily, it means “to grumble” or “to express dissatisfaction with something.” So if someone isn’t happy with how something turned out and they’re letting everyone know about it, “il bougonne”!

7. “(Se) Chicaner”

This verb can be used when someone picks up arguments with others or starts fights over small matters. It means “to quarrel with someone”. It’s mainly used in Québec.

Did you know any of these French words? Whether you’re just starting out learning French or are already fluent in its nuances and colloquialisms, these 7 words will certainly come in handy during conversations with native speakers of the language.