4Délice Céleste

Sabine’s blog Délice Céleste is centred on her recipes, city guides and travelling. She launched her blog in 2013 when she started cooking for her friends and realized she really enjoyed doing it. Even though her blog is not her main source of revenue, she works as a digital content manager for a web agency in Thailand, Sabine enjoys sharing with her readers delicious salty and sweet recipes so they can feel more comfortable cooking and enjoy doing it themselves.   


5Carnets Parisiens

Cyrielle is a Parisian food blogger and freelance photographer. She has tons of recipes for you to try, all of them divided into categories: breakfast, chocolate, salty dishes, Christmas, etc. Her recipes are mostly sweet (a lot of cookies, muffins, pies, cakes, and candy) so if you have a sweet tooth you’ll enjoy discovering all her that she has to offer. Cyrielle also has a Lifestyle section (beauty, decorating, DIY, fashion and Christmas) as well as a Travel section with articles on some of her most recent destinations.   


6Science & fourchette

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Science & fourchette is a blog for people who want to eat healthy foods and want to know more about different ingredients and their benefits. Annie Ferland, a Quebec nutritionist and pharmaceutical doctorate, wants to demystify the science that comes with food and nutrition. Annie sees her blog as a kind of online magazine filled with recipes, articles about nutrition and trends in the food world. All her recipes are divided into different categories: 5 ingredients or less, cost saving, 30 minutes or less, slow cooker, meals for two, vegan, for kids, etc.