6. Babillages

Capucine Piot founded her blog in 2007 for fun while she was studying Communications and Journalism but in 2014, she turned her pastime into a full-time job and created a blogzine centred on the beauty sphere. Her blog revolves around makeup, skincare and hair products as well as tutorials, tips, tricks and news about the beauty industry. She does also have a lifestyle section for those interested in knowing her favourite shops and restaurants. If you love makeup and skincare products but hate buying a product you’ve never tried, let Capucine tell you if it’s worth the buy.


5. Et pourquoi pas Coline

Coline is a blogger, youtuber, photographer, creator, and found of Numéro 7. This Parisian woman loves fashion and beauty and writes about her favourites products and new trends and products we should look out for on her blog but also on her Youtube channel. When she does her tutorials, she lists all the products so you know exactly what to buy to emulate her amazing looks. She is also vegan and loves to talk about ethical beauty products and fashion.


4. Kleo beauté

Hier, sur le blog je me suis mise a nue (makeupestiquement parlant hein 😁😉) avec les sublimes produits de @burberry beauty ! C’est un style de maquillage assez peu habituel pour moi qui aime les rouges bien … rouges 💋 Et il n’y a que Burberry pour m’y convertir 😄 Celles qui ne les ont pas encore vu, toutes les photos sont sur le blog (lien dans la bio). Et vous, que représente pour vous le maquillage nude ? Une valeur sure ou une « contre tendance » par rapport au makeup très exubérant que l’on voit ce dernier temps (des faux cils et les lèvres mates) ? Photo by @pikshaparis #burberry #burberrymakeup #freshglow #burberryfreshglow #makeup #naturalmakeup #nudemakeup #french #paris #beauty #beautyblogger #maquillage #burberrybeauty

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Kleo is a beauty blogger living in Paris who only learned French a few years ago. She has always been in love with beauty and makeup. She studied physics and management but decided to start her own beauty blog for fun and it grew from there. She warns readers that she didn’t study makeup and is not a pro which we love since it makes her down to earth and she feels like a friend more than a teacher. She tries tons of beauty products and gives you her real opinions about it (what she likes about it/what she doesn’t like about it) and tries it on herself so you can actually see what the product looks like on someone. Everything is divided into categories so you can easily look for what interests you the most.


3. Trendy Mood

Even though Trendy Mood is not only a beauty blog, it is also a travel, sport, well being, fashion and culture blog, you’ll still get some great beauty tips and tricks and makeup and hair ideas. Noémi, the blog’s founder, is a Parisian woman who loves surfing, politics and cooking. She created this blog to share her favourite things and because she loves writing. From her favourite fragrance to what kind of bangs you should try, you’ll find everything you need on this fun blog.  


2. Mango & Salt

Victoria, a Franco-American Belgian and Colombian Parisian woman blogs about her simple lifestyle and tries to use the most natural products she can. Again, this is not just a beauty blog but if you are interested in knowing more about natural and organic beauty products then this is the right blog for you. She shares all her favourite finds and also shares makeup tutorials you can easily recreate and lists all the products she uses.


1. Carnet prune

This French beauty blog is owned by Angéline, a 28-year-old Parisian woman. After doing studies in Communications, this blog is mainly about beauty but Angéline also talks about cinema, her travels, food and gives readers great DIY ideas. She reviews tons of products and loves to encourage green and organic beauty brands. Her pretty pictures and great comments should convince you to check out her blog.