4Miss Pandora

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Gone with the Wind 🦋

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Louise Ebel, a young Parisian woman, is the brain behind the chic Miss Pandora blog. Her old-fashioned and bohemian looks are very intricate. We love how much effort is put in every photo and she always chooses great locations for her shoots. She doesn’t only write about fashion, you can also check out her beauty, art and travel sections to be even more inspired by the gorgeous redhead!


5Le Dressing de Leeloo

This stylist and Parisian fashion and lifestyle influencer posts her very stylish and fashionable looks on her blog. She always has great photos and her looks can be easily recreated even if most of the time the brands she wears are more exclusive and expensive. A mother, Leeloo shares her tips on fashion, beauty, travel and her favourite shops and restaurants.


6Alex’s Closet

Alex’s Closet is the fashion blog of Alexandra, a young Parisian woman who divides her time between Paris and Montreal. Launched in 2012, Alex’s Closet is a blog for the real fashionistas of this world who love streetwear. Every look is followed by a short description and all the items she wears. She is another blogger who shops at affordable places like Asos, Urban Outfitters and H&M. One of the French fashion blogs to follow!