1. Adenorah

Adenorah is a blog by Anne-Laure, a passionate French woman who adores fashion, who lives in Paris but travels the world. She started her blog in 2009 and is now founder and creative director of her own fashion label, Musier Paris. On her blog, you can find photos of her daily looks, vacation photoshoots (in her best travel clothing, of course), her favourite shopping spots and her favourite addresses.  


2. Zoé Bassetto

Originally from Lyon, Zoé Bassetto loves fashion and simple pleasures. Since 2007, she has been sharing her fashion looks and tips on her blog. After quitting her job in finance a few years ago, Zoé is now totally devoted to create and share fashion content for her fans and followers. This is a great blog for those looking for outfit ideas or to discover new brands!


3. The Brunette

The Brunette is a fashion, maternity, beauty, travel, and shopping destination! Based in Paris, this blogger has been online since 2007. Her beautiful “editorials” show off her great style. We love that she writes all the details of the look under the pictures so one can easily recreate the look! The best part? Most of her looks are easy to recreate since she shops at affordable and universal stores like Zara and Mango.  


4. Miss Pandora

Gone with the Wind 🦋

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Louise Ebel, a young Parisian woman, is the brain behind the chic Miss Pandora blog. Her old-fashioned and bohemian looks are very intricate. We love how much effort is put in every photo and she always chooses great locations for her shoots. She doesn’t only write about fashion, you can also check out her beauty, art and travel sections to be even more inspired by the gorgeous redhead!


5. Le Dressing de Leeloo

This stylist and Parisian fashion and lifestyle influencer posts her very stylish and fashionable looks on her blog. She always has great photos and her looks can be easily recreated even if most of the time the brands she wears are more exclusive and expensive. A mother, Leeloo shares her tips on fashion, beauty, travel and her favourite shops and restaurants.


6. Alex’s Closet

Alex’s Closet is the fashion blog of Alexandra, a young Parisian woman who divides her time between Paris and Montreal. Launched in 2012, Alex’s Closet is a blog for the real fashionistas of this world who love streetwear. Every look is followed by a short description and all the items she wears. She is another blogger who shops at affordable places like Asos, Urban Outfitters and H&M.


7. Mode and the city

Daphné’s cute and classic looks are super dreamy and she always chooses the best locations for her editorials. Mode and the city is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog dedicated to pretty things. She travels a lot and gives tips on where to eat and what do to. Like many other bloggers, you can shop her closet and also see what she wore during her photoshoots.


8. June Sixty-Five

June Sixty-Five is another very trendy French fashion blog. With hundreds of inspiring looks, you’ll have tons of ideas for your next party or date look. We love that she includes prices if there are customs fees, etc. Her pictures are really beautiful and you can tell there’s a lot of effort in her curated looks. She’s also on Youtube if ever you want to practice your French fashion vocabulary!


9. Pauline fashion blog

Pauline fashion blog is where Pauline, a 30 something French fashion blogger and photographer, expresses her love of fashion. Formerly based in New York and then a bit all over Europe, she is now based in Mainz, Germany. Her blog is all about beauty, fashion and travelling. We love that she includes tons of shopping options for those who want to emulate her style.  


10. Caroline Receveur

🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t care. #fauxfur

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This model/actress/host/CEO knows how to juggle her different roles! She started her blog in 2014 in order to share all her fashion, beauty, travel and wellness tips. She’s even collaborated with brands like MISSGUIDED and L’Oréal and owns her own detox tea company called Wandertea.