4Le Devoir (Canada)

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Founded by Henri Bourassa, a journalist, politician and nationalist, in 1910 and is now the only independent newspaper in Québec. Le Devoir means The Duty in English and Bourassa saw his newspaper as a way to ensure the public is more important than the partisans and to awake the people and their mind. This newspaper is known for its large interest in politics and its independence towards political parties and likes to debate on the different political parties. Unlike La Presse, Le Devoir is still published on paper but does have a website with available daily content you can read on your computer or phone.  

5Le Figaro (France)

Le Figaro is another Paris-based daily newspaper but it was founded in 1826 much earlier than Le Monde. It is the oldest daily newspaper in the French press that is still published to this day. The newspaper does get grants from the government of France so it is less independent than other newspapers and is known as a liberal, conservative and right-wing politically driven paper. Again, this is another newspaper that is still published every day on paper but you can get access to many articles on the website in order to practise your French and learn all about French culture, politics, economics and sports.  

Do you read any online newspapers? Which are your favorite online newspapers?