720 of the most used determinatives in French

Le = the
Un = a
Son = his, her
Ce = this
Du = some
Au = at
De = of, to, from
Mon = my
Leur = their
Notre = our
Votre = your
Quelque = some, a few
Ton = your
Tout = all
Chaque = each
Aucun = none
Tel = such
Plusieurs = several
Autre = other
Nul = no one, void, null

Let’s be precise! With these determinatives, you’ll be able to address people more specifically, and enrich your conversation. These short words can be powerful, so learn them and use them wisely!

825 of the most used prepositions in French


De = of, to, from
À = to
En = of, in, into
Dans = in
Pour = for
Par = by, through
Sur = on
Avec = with
Sans = without
Sous = under
Après = after
Entre = between
Vers = towards
Chez = by
Jusque = until
Contre = against
Devant = in front
Depuis = since
Pendant = during
Avant = before
Voilà = that is, there
Près = near, close
Dès = since
Malgré = despite, in spite of
Voici = here

This list might be more difficult to use. Not because it’s a long one, but because each word can have a slightly different meaning depending on the verb you use it with. Try to learn these words on their own, before learning all the verbs with prepositions. Keep in mind that these are some of the most used words in French, but that you will need to learn more to become fluent…

922 of the most used pronouns in French

Il = he
Je = I
Se = himself
Qui = that
Elle = she
Ce = that
Le = the
Que = that
Vous = you
Me = me, myself
On = one
Lui = him
Nous = we
Tu = you
Moi = me
Te = you
Celui = this
Rien = nothing
Dont = whose
Tout = all
Ça = this
Cela = this

These words are essential in any conversation or even in order to understand a book. But don’t worry, most of these words are used to build basic sentences. As a beginner, we’re sure you will quickly learn these.

After learning 200 of the most used words in French, do you feel like you’ll be more comfortable talking with a French person? Obviously, learning hundreds of words won’t allow you to be fluent overnight. But it will help you become more confident. In fact, you will spend less time searching for the right word or preposition, since you learned them all!

But don’t forget to add new words to your vocabulary, like the ones added to the French Larousse dictionary for 2023. We also have a list of a funny few words that aren’t used a lot…