425 of the most used adverbs in French


Ne = not, don’t
Pas = not
Plus = more
Bien = well
Si = if
Là = here, there
Même = even
Tout = all
Encore = again
Aussi = too, also
Peu = few
Alors = then
Toujours = always
Jamais = never
Non = no
Très = very
Ainsi = thus, hence
Moins = less, fewer
Ici = here
Oui = yes
Trop = too much
Déjà = already
Tant = so much
Enfin = finally, lastly
Maintenant = now

Obviously, you will not become fluent simply by learning these adverbs. But they are essential if you want to bring some nuances to your sentences or emphasize something you’re talking about. These adverbs can make all the difference between basic sentences and an elaborate conversation.

519 of the most used conjunctions in French

Et = and
Que = that
Comme = like
Mais = but
Ou = or
Quand = when
Si = if
Puis = then
Donc = so
Car = because
Ni = nor
parce que = because
Pourquoi = why
Lorsque = when
tandis que = whereas
Puisque = since, as
Comment = how
Soit = either… or
Or = yet

Again, these short words might seem useless, but they’re worth your time. In grammar, a conjunction is an invariable word that serves to interconnect two words or groups of words, in order to express a logical relation between the connected entities. Who wouldn’t want to be logical, right?

620 of the most used determinatives in French

Le = the
Un = a
Son = his, her
Ce = this
Du = some
Au = at
De = of, to, from
Mon = my
Leur = their
Notre = our
Votre = your
Quelque = some, a few
Ton = your
Tout = all
Chaque = each
Aucun = none
Tel = such
Plusieurs = several
Autre = other
Nul = no one, void, null

Let’s be precise! With these determinatives, you’ll be able to address people more specifically, and enrich your conversation. These short words can be powerful, so learn them and use them wisely!