Learn the most used words in French

Are you trying to learn French? We have to admit, it’s not the easiest language, especially since there are so many exceptions. But if you want to learn French efficiently, you should start to learn the most used words in French. It might help you start some conversations with locals.

How to learn French quickly?

When we start to learn a foreign language, we all want it to be quick. We dream about being fluent after only a few months of French lessons. Well, if you’re trying to speed things up, try to focus your attention on the most used vocabulary words, grammar, sentences, etc.

What types of French words should you learn ?

  • the most used nouns in French
  • the most used verbs in French
  • the most used adjectives in French
  • the most used adverbs in French
  • the most used conjunctions in French
  • the most used determinatives in French
  • the most used prepositions in French
  • the most used pronouns in French

We’re sure you started with some classic sentences, like “Où sont les toilettes?” and “J’aimerai un café et un croissant, s’il vous plaît”, but what are the most used words in French? Here are some of the most used words in the French language. These are the words you will find the most often in books and in French lessons, according to lexicologist Étienne Brunet.

130 of the most used nouns in French


Professeur (m.) = teacher
Homme (m.) = man
Mari (m.) = husband, spouse
Femme (f.) = woman, wife
Jour (m.) = day
Mer (f.) = sea, ocean
Temps (m.) = time
Main (f.) = hand
Chose (f.) = thing
Vie (f.) = life
Yeux (pl.) = eyes
Heure (f.) = hour
Monde (m.) = world
Enfant (m.) = child, kid
Fois (f.) = time
Moment (m.) = moment
Tête (f.) = head
Père (m.) = father
Fille (f.) = girl, daughter
Coeur (m.) = heart
An / année (m. et f.) = year
Terre (f.) = Earth, land
Dieu (m.) = god
Monsieur (m.) = Mr, sir, gentleman
Madame (f.) = Mrs, madam
Voix (f.) = voice
Maison (f.) = house
Air (m.) = air
Mot (m.) = word
Nuit (f.) = night

We’re not saying that these 30 words alone will allow you to participate in every French conversation. But it’s a good start! At least, you will be able to talk about family and about the world. Depending on your work experience and your passion, try to make your own “most used words in French” list. If you are already aware that you’re using the same words over and over again, just give yourself a head start.

225 of the most used verbs in French

Être = to be
Avoir = to have
Faire = to make, to do
Dire = to say
Pouvoir = to can
Aller = to go
Voir = to see
Vouloir = to want
Venir = to come
Devoir = to have to, owe
Prendre = to take
Trouver = to find
Donner = to give
Falloir = should
Parler = to speak
Mettre = to put
Savoir = to know
Passer = to go, to pass
Regarder = to watch
Aimer = to love
Croire = to believe
Demander = to ask
Rester = to stay
Répondre = to answer
Entendre = to hear

That’s a powerful list. We have to admit, you’re very likely to use these verbs in your daily life. It’s no surprise that these 30 verbs are some of the most used words in French, since they allow you to share basic information or feelings. Try to focus on this list in your next studying sessions. By the time you’ll learn how to conjugate, you’ll be ready for your first basic conversations…

325 of the most used adjectives in French

Tout = all
Grand = tall, big
Petit = small
Même = same
Autre = other
Seul = alone
Jeune = young
Premier = first
Bon = good
Quel = which
Beau = beautiful
Vieux = old
Noir = black
Nouveau = new
Dernier = last
Blanc = white
Cher = expensive, dear
Long = long
Pauvre = poor
Plein = full, plenty
Vrai = true, real
Toute = all
Bas = low
Gros = big, huge
Doux = soft

Bonus : 9 more color adjectives !

Let’s be honest, life is more beautiful in color. Here is a list of primary colors, as well as some basic colors that you might need.

Bleu = blue
Rouge = red
Jaune = yellow
Vert = green
Rose = pink
Marron = brown
Orange = orange
Violet = purple
Gris = grey