4Daniel Lévi, L’Envie d’aimer (2000)

L’envie d’aimer was part of the soundtrack from the smash musical Les Dix Commandements. It is still one of the greatest and best-selling songs in France. There have been a number of covers because of the popularity of this smash hit. Even though it never reached number one on the charts, it is still one of France’s biggest hits from the 2000s.

5L5, Toutes les femmes de ta vie (2001)

L5 is like the French equivalent of the Spice Girls. This song was their debut single from their first album. This is the song that everyone associates with this girl group. It is said that this song was inspired by a Britney Spears’ song and was originally meant for Ophélie Winter. It is the seventh best selling song of the 21st century in France.

6Star Academy 1, La Musique (Angelica) (2001)

Star Academy was a huge music talent show in France. “La Musique” was from the first edition of the hit tv show. Originally, this song was recorded in 1966 by Mann, and there have been other covers of this song but it really became a hit with the Star Academy version in 2001. It went straight to the #1 spot in the charts.