4Océans by Jacques Perrin

This Disney documentary by French actor and director Jacques Perrin will take you through the earth’s five oceans and explore the marine species that live in these very different waters. Of course, our oceans are getting more polluted every day by horrible human activities. Since it is produced by Disney, it is targeted to a younger audience but anyone can enjoy the beauty of the oceans and how important it is to keep them clean. The documentary was filmed in 50 different places all over the world and took 4 years to make.

5La Vie moderne by Raymond Depardon

La Vie moderne is a documentary that depicts the life of people who live in the mountains. Raymond Depardon followed these villagers for 10 years so the viewer can really get to know the various villagers and really understand how their day-to-day life works. They explain how these people are pretty secluded from the outside world (they live in the hills of Cévennes) and really need to be passionate about agriculture to be able to work. The two main people filmed in the documentary are the octogenarian brothers and their nephew and his wife.

6Solutions locales pour un désordre global by Coline Serreau

This is another documentary on the fate of our planet. This environmental documentary is similar to Demain since the point of the documentary is to talk about the solutions that exist to help save the planet instead of using scare tactics like other documentaries have done. Coline Serreau goes all around the world and speaks to people from different cultures and countries that found their own solutions against the environmental disaster. This is a good documentary that shows how people aren’t alone: there are people all over the world that want to save the planet and that’s what should unite us as humans.