francophone documentaries

Documentaries are a great way to understand more about a certain political, economic, social or cultural event or phenomenon that has happened. There are thousands of very interesting documentaries about nature, political tyrants, environmental disasters, etc. Documentaries help the general public know more about something important and can truly change things in a positive way. We know there are great Anglophone documentaries but if you want to practice your French and watch something a little more intelligent than a normal film. Here are some of the most riveting and compelling Francophone documentaries you can easily watch online.

1Demain by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion

This documentary was directed by French actress Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds, Now You See Me) and by the French poet, writer and activist Cyril Dion. The two go around the world and identify initiatives from 10 countries in various spheres like agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education that help create solutions for the challenges the world faces today. The film won the Best Documentary Film at the 2016 César Awards. Instead of using catastrophism like in documentaries like The Eleventh Hour and An Inconvenient Truth, this documentary concentrates on putting forward solutions for the future of our planet.

2Bye by Alexandre Taillefer Jean-Philippe Dion and Frédéric Nassif

Alexandre Taillefer is a prominent Quebec entrepreneur and businessman who has had a lot of success in his many business endeavours. A truly tragic event happened in 2015 when his 14-year-old son committed suicide just before Christmas. Instead of disappearing from the public eye, Taillefer used his resources and recognition to create a documentary about the suicide of his cyber-dependent son. The goal of making this documentary was to find solutions to prevent this terrible thing from happening to other families. Cyber dependence is a real problem and mental health issues have to be addressed.

3La Vida Loca by Christian Poveda

This documentary was directed by the Franco-Hispanic photojournalist Christian Poveda who was tragically shot dead after releasing this documentary on the very violent and dangerous street gang from El Salvador. His documentary followed the rites and passages, funerals, and other activities of the street gang called 18th Street. After the El Salvador civil war ended, many El Salvadorans gang members living in California were deported and had to go back home. The lack of jobs and opportunities meant the gangs were intensified. Poveda followed various gang members to show the tragic and violent lives they lead.