4St Martin


St Martin and St Barths are neighbours but while St Barths is known for its posh and glamour, St Martin is known for being more laid-back, friendly and quiet. St Martin is actually divided into two very different identities: the French and Dutch. We, of course, will be speaking of the French side but if you ever go to St Martin and find yourself on The Dutch side (called Sint Maarten) you’ll know exactly what’s going on. The French side is filled with gorgeous widespread white-sand beaches, mountains and filled with Creole culinary specialties. Lolos are open barbecue restaurants that anyone who steps on the island has to go to. Tourists can explore the numerous secluded coves that are all over the island with a private boat tour or by renting a boat. Strolling through the town street, you’ll feel like you are in a beautiful French town with a Caribbean twist.