4Coquilles Saint-Jacques


And finally, scallops! There are plenty of ways to cook scallops, but we recommend you fry them with a lot of garlic and parsley. Finish the dish with some cream, and enjoy! If you have scallops in their shells, you can add some white whine and bechamel sauce before popping them in the oven.



French people are well known for eating escargots (snails) in garlic butter. Should you try it? Absolutely! Most of the time, you will only taste the delicious garlic butter.

French food for Christmas : le plat principal



Originally, geese were eaten for Christmas. But around 1570, the Spanish came back from America with turkeys! As an exotic and rare bird, turkey was a meal of choice for Christmas. Nowadays, turkeys are stuffed with sausage meat, chestnuts and herbs (or croutons and sage in Quebec).