Cook a French Christmas dinner using the best French food for Christmas

Even if each family has its own classic recipes for Christmas, most French people eat the same things for Christmas. Christmas turkey, chocolate truffles… What is the best French food for Christmas? What should you cook or try this Christmas?

Around Christmas time, people get excited about presents, snow and food… All around the world, friends and families cook traditional Christmas dishes. What would you cook in France? Here are some appetizers, main dishes and desserts to enjoy.

French food for Christmas : les entrées

Christmas is all about taking time to get together as a family or with friends. And in France, we like using this time to eat delicious food! It explains why French dinners can be very long. Do you want a 4-course service? Or a 6-course service? French people have plenty of delicious food to keep you interested for hours.

1Foie gras


Foie gras, which is French for “fatty liver”, is a product made of the livers or ducks or geese that have been fattened. Gavage-based foie gras production is controversial, since it goes against the well-being of animals.

You can eat foie gras in various forms : raw, half-cooked, cooked, in a terrine, on a piece of beef, etc. This delicacy is best served with stewed red onions and a sweet white wine like Montbazillac.

2Saumon fumé


Smoked salmon is also a staple during Christmas, especially if you spend it with people who love seafood. You can eat it alone, with cream or with blinis and lemon juice.



Either you love oysters, or you despise oysters. There is no middle ground, right? If your Christmas dinner starts with a seafood platter, you will most likely find some oysters in it. You can eat oysters with shallot vinegar or even cooked with some leeks and cheese.