Les voisins du 12bis bilingual fiction
© Julina Jean-Joseph

What if you could learn French in a fun and easy way? Good news, there is a new audio fiction in town. Produced by Radio France Internationale in co-production with France Education International, this bilingual fiction has been created specially for people wanting to learn French. Dive into the daily life of a Parisian building.

Learning French while being on the go… Yes, it’s possible. Between two online classes or exercises, it’s a good idea to listen to some French podcasts. But obviously, you have to pay attention to the language to really gain from these podcasts. The best thing to do would be to listen to a podcast and then do some exercises around it. That’s what Radio France has to offer.

Learn French With a Bilingual Fiction… and More

In order to help beginner and intermediate students learn French, Radio France Internationale and France Education International, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture, have created a bilingual audio fiction about families in a Parisian building. But Les voisins du 12bis is more than a simple entertaining podcast. This fiction is combined with comics on Instagram, a series of self-corrective exercises based on the scenes of each episode, and educational sheets.

So, why is this audio fiction so great for language learning? It uses daily life scenes between neighbors to offer some conversation examples. Here is the summary for Les voisins du 12bis: “In a Parisian building, a small community of neighbors has built friendship bonds. Zirek, the Kurdish doctor turned VTC driver; Diane and Pierre, whose family has just grown; Amir, the young Afghan florist; and Billie, who is discovering Parisian student life thanks to the help of Rosa, her compatriot who has lived in Paris for more than forty years.”

It’s the perfect story in order to learn daily phrases and useful vocabulary… One new episode is released every Wednesday, and there will be 13 episodes in total. Add this bilingual fiction to your weekly study schedule!