7Le Figaro

Le Figaro is not a French learning account per say but it is one of France’s most popular newspaper for local and international news. If you are starting to understand more and more French, why not click on Follow and read your news in French? You can easily scroll through their numerous posts to learn about interesting things going on in the world. You’ll feel smarter and more sophisticated if you get to converse with a native Francophone about world news in French.

8Le français ensemble

This 29 thousand followers account is quite clever. If you are a visual person then this is the perfect type of account for you. Most posts consist of an image of an object, thing, person, etc. with the word. There are some pop culture references and some French grammar and vocabulary quizzes just to keep you on your toes. The Instagram account is linked to a website where you can get skype lessons and other exercises to polish your French speaking and writing skills.

9Buzzfeed France

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Like Le Figaro, Buzzfeed France isn’t a French learning account but it the posts are in French so technically, yes you can learn the language by scrolling through the posts when you feel like practicing your French. The posts are super funny and easy to understand so you can stay entertained for a few minutes without feeling guilty. You will surely relate to some of the hilarious comic strips they post and you’re friends will be jealous that you understand what they say but that you have to explain it to them.

Would you recommend other Instagram accounts? Or do you follow any French Instagram influencers?