win at scrabble

If you love to win at Scrabble and you’re looking for a new challenge, why not try Scrabble in French?! If you want to impress your Francophone friends, retain these 15 words to boost your chances of winning and to have your friends and family impressed with your skills.

French Words to Learn to Win at Scrabble



This 15 letter word is your secret weapon. You will surely win at Scrabble with this word. Déshypothéquiez is a verb tense from the verb déshypotiquer (mortgage) which means to subtract a property from a mortgage.



Your friends and family might fight you with this one but technically, it is a dictionary word. Tricarboxylique is an organic carboxylic acid (an example of this acid is citric acid). You will impress them with your deep knowledge of organic carboxylic acids and we bet they will be jealous of the points you reap with this word!



Do you know anyone from Yellowknife in Canada? Doesn’t matter if you do or don’t! If you have all the letters, use this word to crush your opponents. Yellowknifienne means a woman who comes from Yellowknife.