4Daniel Bélanger – Rêver Mieux (2001)

Daniel Bélanger is a Quebec alternative rock and folk singer-songwriter. The song Rêver Mieux was a single from the album of the same name. This album was very well received: he won seven ADISQ Awards, won a Juno Award, and other distinctions.

5Ariane Moffatt – Point de mire (2002)

She is one of Quebec’s most loved singers. Ariane Moffatt’s first solo album came out in 2002 and Point de mire was a smash hit which propelled her to become the star she is today. She was nominated for eleven ADISQ Awards.

6Corneille – Seul au monde (2002)

Even though Corneille was born in Germany, he is still considered by Quebecers as a real French Canadian. Seul au monde was a single on his first album, which was very well received. It became platinum a few years later.