Most Popular French Canadian Songs in the 2000s

Music can transform a party, a date, a cooking session, etc. Putting the right song at the right time can completely change a night. You might not know as many French Canadian songs than French (from France) songs but there were some great Quebec hits that took over the charts and were in everyone’s head in the 2000s. From Céline Dion to Garou, if you don’t know a lot about French Canadian culture, you’ll be enchanted by these 15 popular French Canadian songs from the 2000s that topped the charts.

Popular French Canadian Songs From The 2000s

1Garou – Seul (2000)

Even though Garou is French Canadian, he has a huge career and following in Europe, especially in France. This song appeared on his first solo album also entitled Seul. This song was the album’s first single. It was number one on the French charts for 10 weeks in a row. In Canada, his album went triple platinum. Sous le vent, his song with Céline Dion, was quite a success as well.

2Loco Locass Sheila – Chu là (2000)

This Franco-Canadian hip-hop group calls themselves a ‘rapoet’ group, meaning they rap poetic verses in their songs. Sheila Chu là was on their first album Manifestif. It was a huge hit and is still known today as one of their best songs.

3Martin Deschamps – Quand ? (2000)

This song appeared on Martin Deschamps’ first solo album. It was a huge success and he was nominated for three ADISQ Awards: Album of the year (Rock), Newcomer of the year, and Popular song of the year.