7Boule & Bill

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Those Belgians sure love comics! This is another comic book series from Belgium and it is another comic from the Spirou magazine. The comic tells the story of a 7-year-old boy (Boule) and his cocker spaniel dog (Bill). Boule and Bill have many adventures in their house and around their city. There are a few recurring characters like Boule’s mother, father, Caroline (the pet turtle), Pouf (Boule’s best friend and rival to Bill), and others. This comic was adapted into television, cinema, and video games.

8Les nombrils

Les nombrils (the bellybuttons) is a Quebec comic series. It first appeared in the humour magazine Safarir in 2004 but was quickly picked up by Spirou magazine. Even if the three main characters of this comic are teenage girls, even men will enjoy this funny and ridiculous story. The series chronicles the life of Karine (a very tall, lanky, kind, smart and hardworking girl) and her two frenemies Jenny (a redhead, shallow, self-obsessed girl) and Vicky (a black brunette also very shallow and narcissistic). Jenny and Vicky always tease and taunt Karine and always lives in their shadows. This comic does tackle important issues like family, rejection, bullying, sex, homosexuality, etc.

9Lucky Luke

This Wild West comic was invented by Belgian cartoonist, Morris, in 1946. It takes place in the American Wild West. Lucky Luke, a lone cowboy who is well-known around town because he shoots his gun faster than his shadow, his horse Jolly Jumper and dog Rantanplan journey across the West. They are often asked to capture the most notorious gangsters in the West: the 4 Dalton brothers (Joe, William, Jack and Averell). The 4 brothers are always trying to outsmart Luke but never can. Luke meets some of history’s most important figures like Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and Jesse James.