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If you’re trying to learn French, one of the best ways to practice is to read in French so you can learn more words and then acquire a better vocabulary. If you are intimidated by French books but are past the children’s book reading stage, why not read some comics? They are a lot of fun to read and since there aren’t too many words on the pages (usually) and a lot of images, you can easily understand what’s going on. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best French comics from multiple francophone countries and regions. You can easily buy them or borrow them at your local library. Enjoy reading these timeless classics!


You’ve probably heard or read at least one of the albums from this classic Belgian comic book. With 24 albums, Tintin is one of the most popular comic books of the 20th century. Written by Georges Remi (under the pen name Hergé), the reader follows the adventures of Tintin, a Belgian reporter, investigating difficult cases with his trusty sidekicks Snowy (his wire fox terrier dog) and Captain Haddock (Tintin’s best friend). They travel to South America, Egypt, Indonesia, the United States and even the moon! You will love the recurring characters: Professeur Tournesol, the Dupont brothers, Nestor, and Bianca Castafiore.

2Astérix (et Obélix)

Astérix et Obélix is another classic comic you’ve probably heard about. There have been many television and cinema adaptations of some of their most famous adventures including Asterix and Cleopatra, Asterix at the Olympic Games, and Asterix Conquers Rome. There are 37 books. The comic books chronicle the adventures of two best friends, Astérix and Obélix Gauls living in the only village not occupied by the Romans in 50 BC. They are able to resist the Romans because of the village druid, Panoramix, who makes a magic potion that gives supernatural strength to the villagers. Obélix fell in the potion when he was a young boy so he is always supernaturally strong but little astérix takes the potion when fighting against the Romans.

3Aya de Yopougon

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Aya de Yopougon is loosely based on the author’s life in Côte d’Ivoire. The comic books chronicle the life of a few characters that are all linked in one way to Aya. Aya helps people with their dilemmas and daily issues. There are some recurring themes that often appear in these stories: the advancement of women in society, honesty and loyalty, family and community. Since it’s a small community, Aya knows most people and helps them no matter who they are. You will learn more about this African country that was a French colony until 1960. This comic was critically acclaimed and they made a film adaptation in 2012.